SOLVED BY A TUTOR- Southern New Hampshire Development of a Professional Career in the NBA Essay


Often, discussions about popular culture may make the assumption that popular culture is something that is easily brushed off. However, because current media is saturated with elements of popular culture, your favorite television show, film, book, game, etc. may have a significant impact on how you see the world. As we begin our first discussion, take a moment to choose your favorite popular culture artifact and address the following in your initial post:

  • Introduce yourself to the class by sharing a bit about yourself, such as your preferred name, where you’re from, and your major, and briefly describe your chosen artifact.
  • In your own words, define the term popular culture and discuss how it is used or impacts your daily life. How does your definition compare and contrast with those presented in the module resources?
  • What is the influence of popular culture on your chosen field of study or future profession? How can you use your understanding of your chosen popular culture artifact in your professional career?
  • Hello class My name is Logan Sharp and I am from New Orleans, LA. I am currently on path to graduate with my finance degree in 3 semesters. My chosen artifact is how the center position in the NBA has changed throughout the years. What the position of center has evolved to.

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