SOLVED BY A TUTOR- Indicators and Signposts Discussion question


For this discussion, you will use the article you cited in the Module Six discussion, as well as the three alternative futures you developed for that discussion. In your initial post, develop a list of potential indicators for one of your alternative futures. An indicator is something used to provide early warning of some future event or validate what is being observed. Indicators are developed in conjunction with alternative future scenarios in an effort to identify which imagined scenarios might be developing or evolving as imagined. Your list of indicators should be observable or potentially observable phenomena including actions, conditions, facts, or events that might indicate and provide warning of the previously identified scenario.


For your initial post, do the following:

 Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs.

Must be plagiarism free, in-text citation and reference

Below is my post that you can use to write this discussion

According to a news article by Richard Wood, terrorist organizations have grown over the years due to an increase in franchises’ terrorism. Franchise terrorism is the establishment of affiliate groups in various parts of the world, which conduct actions directed by a centralized organization. Wood defines franchise terrorism as an emerging threat due to these groups’ massive growth, caused by weak governance and short gun approaches by the military. In this regard, the article explains that extremist organizations target countries or regions with poor leadership and incorporate the community’s needs into their overall goals. Using such a tactic influences the community members to join the groups to seek solace or support. Furthermore, Wood explains that the US has spent more than $6 trillion on failed short gun approaches by focusing on central locations such as Afghanistan. On this matter, the article explains that Trump’s effort to remove America’s troops from the Middle East was an action led by fatigue and not a cohesive strategy (Wood, 2020). Lastly, the article explains that franchise terrorism has sparked growth in a secondary threat known as right-wing extremists.

The growth in franchise terrorism may lead to various alternative futures. An example of such a future is increased war and worldwide radical actions due to misinterpreted ideologies. For instance, there has been an increase in individual radical actions, such as the beheading incident in France a few days ago, due to associations with extremist groups. According to news reports, the perpetrator of the action beheaded a teacher and shared the video with members of the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (Burke, 2020). Another alternative future is the Islamic revolution, from a religious to a political group. In this regard, the affiliation of groups such as Al-Shabaab, ISIS, Taliban, and the Muslim brotherhood with Al-Qaida seeks to enhance Muslim extremists’ ability to assume power in various nations. For example, the Muslim brotherhood seeks to control Egypt’s government, whereas Al-Shabab opposes Somalia’s leadership. Apart from increased war and the Islamic revolution, franchise terrorism changes the global power structure due to an increase in the power associated with extremist groups. One of Bin Laden’s goals was to establish a training camp and acquire funds to buy weapons. In this regard, various images have shown members of terrorist groups in training camps and with sophisticated weapons that increase the ability of these groups to undertake in warfare (Stenersen, 2017). Furthermore, due to the many extremist groups, the world feels the presence of Al-Qaida due to actions taken by affiliate groups such as AQAP’s (Al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula) near missile attempts on US aircraft. References:

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