SOLVED BY A TUTOR- HIS 321 SNHU Ancient Greece & Rome Western Civilization Military Strategy Discussion


Prompt : Consider the strengths of the Greek culture as shown by the Persian War. What were the advantages and disadvantages of both sides? Which, at face value, do you think would have been the logical victor? Why?

Be sure to provide and discuss at least one example from the course readings or independent research. This example can come from a secondary source or a primary source, such as piece of writing or work of art that illustrates a principle or belief. You must fully explain the connection between your example and argument, and you must also address the reliability of your source (or sources). Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s).

course readings:

Ancient Greece – 2ND 13 by: Martin, Thomas R. chapters 4-6

Website: The Perseus Project Collections
This site offers resources that span the history, literature, and culture of the Greco-Roman world, including primary and secondary sources as well as an artifact browser with descriptions and images.

Video: The Peloponnesian War (2:30)
This modern-day interpretation of the Peloponnesian War is dramatically brief in context of the war’s duration but provides a concise overview of the events that changed the course of Greek military history.

The transcript of this video can be found here.

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