SOLVED BY A TUTOR- FIN 320 T5843 SNHU The Financial Managements Role in Business Discussion


I will be needing my initial post and then two classmate responses needed.

Whether you are pursuing a career in finance or not, understanding the importance of financial principles, interpreting financial reports, and understanding their role in business will help you to be successful. Financial management requires much more than analyzing accounting records, and it is important to note how financial data and calculations are used to support an organization’s work, finances, and decision-making.

In this discussion, you will introduce yourself to the class, reflect on your view of finance, and share related experiences.

In your initial discussion post, specifically address the following:

  • Please tell the class about yourself and your educational or professional background.
  • Have you ever used financial documents (such as tax returns, financial statements, etc.) to make a personal or business decision? Explain.
  • What terms or concepts come to mind when you think about finance?
  • What concerns or excites you about the course?

In your response posts to at least two peers, consider the following:

  • Review your peers’ posts and find posts that express different perspectives from your own. How do your perspectives differ?
  • What advice, resources, or encouragement would you offer to your peers to help them succeed in the course? Be mindful and respectful of your responses, particularly if you are responding to someone who is apprehensive about the course.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

Here is what is going to used to help with the first question for this discussion.

My name is Aimee Darwin and I live in Northwest Central Florida by the Gulf of Mexico. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have two children under the age of seven. In our spear time we go boating and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We have four dogs, five cats and nine chicks on our property with kittens on the way. My husband and I have been landlords for over 6 years. That is why I am going after my bachelor’s degree with Business Administration with concentration in Entrepreneurship. We currently own three properties and renting out two of them. We are always are on the lookout for properties. With this class it will help me understand better what is required with us on running our rental properties.

Here is my 1st classmate response needed

Discussion 1

Justin Burningham posted May 4, 2021 12:26 PM

Greetings Class,

Please tell the class about yourself and your educational or professional background.

My name is Justin, and I am from Salt Lake City, UT. I am married and have three beautiful children. I recently switched careers to work with a start-up med-tech company. It has been a roller coaster of a ride this far, but I am in it for the long haul. I believe in my work and the opportunity it brings to patients. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and finish my degree in October of this year. I will graduate with a degree in Business Administration.

Have you ever used financial documents (such as tax returns, financial statements, etc.) to make a personal or business decision? Explain.

Finance is not my thing! I have minimal experience in the world of finance, but I have used it to do taxes or in sales discussions for work. My wife and I hired a financial advisor to help us with our cash flow and to help prepare us for retirement. It was a unique experience, and I remember leaving thinking the gentleman who helped us was the smartest person in the world.

What terms or concepts come to mind when you think about finance?

When I think of finance, I think of money, math, and my inability to understand what’s going on. My first finance class was very eye-opening and taught me a lot. There was a lot of information, and interpreting what was going on was a whole other story. Finance is a concept I wish I had a better understanding of.

What concerns or excites you about the course?

For me, this class is going to be challenging, but I plan to put forth the effort needed to understand the concept(s) and how to use them. The first finance class helped a lot, so I am expecting to gain a more in-depth knowledge base that will transfer to my career and personal life. The biggest challenge will be to learn a large amount of information in an 8 week period. Let’s get going!



Here is my 2nd classmate response needed.

Week 1 Discussion

Tara Booth posted May 4, 2021 3:13 PM

Hello Class,

My name is Tara and I am from Rhode Island. I am married with 3 children, one of which is graduating high school next month. I currently work full time as a Medical Biller for a Federal Qualified Health Center. I am in looking to advance my career in the Medical Administrative field. I finish my degree program in February with a bachelors in Business Administration with focus in Healthcare Administration. This has been a long ride and I am grateful that the end is near.

Other than doing my families taxes every year, I really do not have any experience working with financial statements. When I think of working in the medical billing and handling cash flow, I wish I had more in-depth knowledge of the finance statements the company receives, but unfortunately that goes to the accounting department.

When I think of the word “finance”, I think of money and stock markets. My personal finances have been a learning curve to say the least. It took me a while to learn how to budget my household and learn how not to over spend. I never really had anyone teach me about finances so it was something I had to learn on my own and continue to learn every day.

I feel that this class is going to be a challenge for me but I am excited to understand finance. I am hoping that this class will help me personally and professionally.

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