FULLY ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR-The subject is Managerial communication, it is a graduate programme: Management Reflection Paper: Communication Style: Langton, N., Robbins, S. P., and Judge, T.A. (2019) Organizational Behaviour: Co

The subject is Managerial communication, it is a graduate programme:Management Reflection Paper: Communication Style:

Langton, N., Robbins, S. P., and Judge, T.A. (2019) Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications, Eighth Canadian Edition, Pearson, ON., chap:6 – communicationThe purpose of the manager reflection papers is for each student to assess his or her own management skills. You will reflect on management in real-life contexts. The focus of this paper is self-reflection, and not on theories. Hence use theory to support claims you make regarding issues as they are related to YOU. As such, there is no need to include all relevant theories, and certainly there isn’t room for this based on the short length of the paper. Rather, marks are allocated for DEPTH of self-reflection, evidence of use of self-inventories as part of the self-reflection, and reference to theory only as it is applicable to the above. Hence, this is not a research paper, but one that emphasizes self-reflection leading to personal growth as a manager. If you are not a manager, reflect on how this relates to you as an employee. These papers are only submitted to canvasInstructions:

Research the concepts (based on the text and external sources) and discuss how they relate to your own management style. Use the self-assessments to provide insights into your strengths and weaknesses for each of your chosen topics. It is also important to explain how you will apply your learning. Make sure to discuss how you can continue to develop your skills or apply your skills in the future related to the chosen topics. For each aspect:

  • explain the theory or concept
  • describe how it shows up in your work (give examples)
  • discuss what works and what doesn’t
  • indicate what you will continue and what you will change in the futureFormat:

Each paper should be 3 pages double-spaced, 11-point Arial font with 1″ margins. Number your pages; include self-assessments (optional) as appendices. Use APA style for references. No cover page is required however ensure your name appears as a header in the document.  

Grading Criteria: (very important to follow this)

Content Criteria :8.5 marks

  1. Theories and concepts are explained thoroughly    
  2. Examples are given to show the theory in practiceAssessments are used to elaborate topic, where appropriateDiscusses both strengths and weaknesses (what works, what doesn’t)
  3. Action plan for the future is described with both changes and what will remain constant
  4. Evidence of depth and integration of topic with self-assessments and/or other resources

Overall Criteria:1.5 marksWell written: clear, concise, well-constructed argumentsFree of mechanical errors (correct grammar, spelling, etc.)Follows format guidelines, proper referencing style 


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