FULLY ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR-Algebra Unit IV Discussion Board Question In this unit, you learned about lines, angles, circles, polygons, area, and perimeter. Select an object in your home, workplace, or throughout daily life th

Algebra Unit IV Discussion Board Question

In this unit, you learned about lines, angles, circles, polygons, area, and perimeter. Select an object in your home, workplace, or throughout daily life that was formed using these geometric characteristics. Discuss the shape as if it were a two-dimensional figure. Describe what the figure looks like by commenting on the shapes that are used to form the figure; the number of sides, lines, and angles; and any other geometric descriptor. Make sure to use appropriate definitions and be detailed as possible in your description. Next, give a hint about the object is used. Important: Do not state the name of the object.

In your reply to a classmate, guess the figure that they described. Next, describe and provide the formula(s) for finding the area of the two-dimensional figure they described or the figure you think they described.

Unit V Discussion Board Question

Throughout this course, you have completed homework and assessments in MyLab Math, and you also have completed one assignment in Blackboard. Each of these tasks required you to use different methods for entering in the answers and submitting the assignment. For example, homework assignments require you to use the MyLab Math symbol toolbox, assessments require that you show your work in the show work window, and Blackboard assignments require you to upload a document into Blackboard. For this discussion, describe a challenge that you encountered while using these different platforms to submit your assignments. How did you overcome this challenge? Additionally, what tools do you use to help you submit these different types of assignments in an efficient manner?

When responding to classmates, include one or two tips that you feel may help them improve their use of the technology utilized in this course.

Biology Unit IV Discussion Board Question

Consider the process of Darwinian evolution in which organisms change over time in response to their environment. After reading this week’s Study Guide and corresponding chapters, do you think humans are continuing to evolve in a Darwinian, genetic sense? Do not just write “yes” or “no,” but explain at least one example to support your educated opinion. Make sure to discuss genetic changes in your response and not behavioral/learned changes in our society. Remember, evolution generally occurs on long time scales; therefore, recent advancement in technology is not an example of human evolution. Substantial points will be lost for such discussions. Whether or not you support the material discussed in this Unit, your response should be based on the information presented here. 

 Unit V Discussion Board Question

Have you ever driven through a rural area and thought, “There is nothing out here”? Was the area actually fallow, or might it have been used for some purpose, such as trees for timber or pulpwood? Did the rural area reassure you that your family and society at large would have enough space for the future, or are you concerned about our ability to produce food and have a dependable supply of clean water for our growing population, for example? What can be done to conserve or more efficiently use land and resources for future generations?

Remember, your responses to Discussion Board questions should be informed by the week’s Study Guide, corresponding chapters in the eText, and additional research using appropriate sources (see the Welcome Announcement for example

Health Information Unit IV Discussion Board Question

Of the various types of administrative information systems that have been discussed in this unit, which one do you feel is the most valuable? Support your answer, and explain why.

Unit V Discussion Board Question

Do you believe that health care organizations do enough to protect the health care information of their patients? Why or why not? In your opinion, are the penalties for noncompliance with HIPAA strong enough? Why, or why not?

Budgeting in HealthCare Unit IV Discussion Board Question

Budgeting is the key to financial success in health care. Discuss your opinion on the importance of the revenue budget. What do you think some pitfalls of a budget shortage would be?

Unit V Discussion Board Question

The healthcare manager, department director, and administrators all need to be aware of the budgeting costs and calculations to project future budgets and remain fiscally responsible for their departments or the facility. Which budget analysis is most important to a department, and why?


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