100% SOLVED BY A WRITER- Rasmussen University Strategic Sales and Sales Management Presentation


Your one-person, one-van plumbing company has grown over the last 10 years into a nationwide enterprise consisting of 300 plumbers and vans that provides B2B and B2C plumbing services. You want your company to provide outstanding customer service—better than any other plumbing company out there. You also want your team to focus on ethical consultative selling, rather than transactional selling, and build long-term relationships. You’ve decided CRM software can help you achieve these goals.


Give your plumbing company a name. Then create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 12 slides (not counting the cover slide or reference slide) that discusses the following.

  • The difference between consultative selling and transactional selling.
  • The importance of ethics and building long-term relationships.
  • The differences between B2B sales and B2C sales and lead generation strategies.
  • The importance of customer service skills and expertise needed to support sales efforts.
  • How to incorporate customer service into your company’s sales strategy.
  • Which CRM program you will be using and why.
  • What customer and potential information will be entered into the CRM program.
  • How customer and potential customer information will be collected for your CRM.

Please keep the following in mind.

  • Use only key words or phrases on the slides, along with pictures and graphics to create visual appeal and a profession look.
  • Include at least one paragraph in the Speaker Notes section below each slide explaining the details of what you would say if you gave the presentation live.
  • Include citations and a reference slide, with at least 3 quality references, that follows APA guidelines.

NOTE – Be sure the documents contain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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