100% SOLVED BY A WRITER- Rasmussen Mentoring Relationship as Part of A New Employees Orientation Discussion

Discussion 1 (  300 words)

Based on what you have learned from the past few weeks, what do you think a health care organization can do to ensure adequate protection against the threats of privacy of data integrity in EHRs. Respond to two classmates. Your first post should be posted by THURSDAY and your follow-up posts should be by the CLOSE OF THE WEEK. You will not be able to see any postings until your post.

Discussion 2 ( 300 words)

What are the primary advantages of a mentoring relationship as part of a new employee’s orientation? Use your current job or the last known job that you had in the past. Was there a mentoring program? If yes, did you have a mentor? Was it mandatory or optional? If there was not a mentoring program, do you feel like you needed one? If you did not have a mentor, do you feel that you would have benefited from having one? Post your thoughts and respond to at least 2 classmates.

Discussion 3 ( 300 words)

Is there a difference between good team conflict vs bad team conflict? Why is some conflict essential to effective team problem-solving? Why do teams fail? Have you been a part of a successful work team? or an unsuccessful one? What did you learn? 

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