100% SOLVED BY A WRITER- Presenting on Contemporary Issues in Nursing

Purpose of Assignment:

Nurses need to stay abreast of current issues affecting healthcare and nursing practice. Contemporary nurses may also seek out opportunities to present their knowledge and to educate their peers.

Course Competencies:
  • Analyze current issues in healthcare.
  • Debate current healthcare policy as it relates to nursing practice.
  • Critique ethical issues in current nursing practice.
  • Analyze cultural and social issues in the contemporary, professional nursing environment.

As part of your professional development, you have set a goal to present at a national conference. The Innovations Contemporary Issues Conference is this year, and you have always enjoyed the wide range of topics. You have attended this event in the past, previously presented a poster, and find it very fitting to your areas of interest. Therefore, you have decided to submit a proposal to speak in a panel discussion.


The panel discussion proposal requires you to address the following:

  1. Identify one contemporary issue in healthcare today.
  2. Analyze how this issue impacts nursing practice.
  3. Presently, how does healthcare respond to this issue?
  4. Analyze how cultural, social, or ethical issues impact this issue.
  5. Discuss the effects that personal values/beliefs/assumptions have on a nurse’s approach to the issue.
  6. Propose a policy statement that supports how we approach the selected issue in nursing.

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