100% SOLVED BY A WRITER- Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Training

Module 03 Content

  1. Scenario

    As you begin your new role as a healthcare manager for an international healthcare company, you witness several less than professional interactions between front line staff and providers, and between directors. Because this is a multi-cultural organization, there are many different cultures represented within the employees. You decide something needs to be done to help combat the in-fighting and to create a culture of diversity and the acceptance of inclusion. You immediately begin creating a training video and a plan to roll out mandatory staff wide training on cultural diversity and inclusion.


    Create a Microsoft PowerPoint to be used during the training to preface the different scenarios that are to be depicted in the training video. Incorporate 4 countries of your choice using this website: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/ and discuss at least 4 of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.
    Make sure the PowerPoint includes:

    • a title page,
    • at least5-7 slides comparing and contrasting the four chosen countries cultural norms based on at least 4 of Hofstede’s 6 Cultural Dimensions, and
    • an APA formatted Reference slide, with at least 1 article covering the topic of Hofstede’s 6 Cultural Dimensions well integrated into paper

    Be sure to incorporate colors, graphics, and pictures to add visual appeal and professionalism.

    LLS Resources

    PowerPoint https://guides.rasmussen.edu/writing/powerpointsPowerPoint Presentations and APA: citing sources and creating reference lists in PPT presentations https://rasmussen.libanswers.com/faq/32484

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