100% SOLVED BY A VERIFIED WRITER- Dalton Financial Case Questions

1. Identify the costs that are fixed, variable, and semi-variable. State your rationale for the categorization. Prepare a contribution margin income statement. What does this analysis suggest about the importance of the convention center?

2. Estimate the continuing funding requirements to the City and the County if operation of the Convention Center were discontinued. What does this analysis suggest about the importance of the convention center?

3. Consider the economic impact of the Convention Center to the community. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of relying on economic impact to justify operating the Dalton Convention Center. How much positive economic impact is needed to justify the continued operation of the Center from a financial standpoint?

4. Consider the financial accounting definitions of an asset and a liability. Assess whether the convention center is a net contributor to the community or a net loser from a financial standpoint. What intangible benefits does the Center provide to the community, and how can they be valued? How would you communicate both the tangible and intangible benefits of the convention center to the local governments and citizens?

5. The Dalton Convention Center was created and funded according to state laws passed to allow the City and County to build and operate the Center. Can you think of strategies for generating additional revenue, reducing costs, etc., that would not require state approval or law changes? For example, reallocation of City or County tax revenue to support the Center would require legislative action. What other options could be available?

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