100% SOLVED BY A VERIFIED WRITER- ACCT 221 Wake Technical Community College DLTR Statement of Shareholders Equity Essay



  1. Review the instructions for the SEC 10-K project. This week’s report focuses on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity.
  2. Review the discussion board in week two on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity.
  3. Write a brief report of at least one-page. Consider using bullet points.
  4. This report will assist you in the final SEC 10-K project deliverables.
  5. Submit it as a Word document.


The report should include the following:

  • Sections or line items of the Shareholders’ Equity including but not limited to:
    • Beginning Balance
    • Common Stock
    • Retained Earnings or Accumulated Deficit
    • Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income or Loss
    • Net Income or Loss

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