100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- Miami Dade College Breaks in My Life Essay


Essay 1: Writing about Yourself

1. As you look around you, you probably see some people who seem to have gotten all the breaks and others who have gotten no breaks at all. Do you think life has treated you fairly or unfairly? Have you gotten mostly lucky breaks or unlucky breaks? Provide three detailed examples that show why you are one kind of person or the other.

2. All of us have fears—and those fears can have a real influence on our everyday behavior. Some people, for example, are afraid of numbers; as a result, they postpone taking a required math course in school or they automatically freeze up whenever they have a math quiz. Think about three of your greatest fears. Then write an essay in which you provide examples of those fears and show how they affect your daily life.

3. Everyone has certain valued material possessions in their lives—items that carry special meanings or provide special pleasures. Such an item might be, for example, a car, a personal computer, a ring, an article of clothing, a pen, or a photograph; it might be an expensive item or it might have cost very little. Write an essay in which you develop three reasons why a certain material item is especially valuable or important to you.

4. Do you have any habits or traits that always get you into trouble? For instance, do you have a short temper? Do you tell white lies? Are you always late, too truthful, hard to wake up, or especially sloppy? Name three traits or qualities that get you into trouble and give examples of exactly how they have created problems for you.

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