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This capstone Concert Report allows you to demonstrate your overall knowledge of the musical elements, historical time periods and instrumentation that you’ve learned about this semester into one report.

Choose one of the four online performances below to watch. You will need paper and pen to take notes. Some students find it helpful to make a chart beforehand of the musical elements and write comments in each category about each piece or movement on the program while you watch the concert performance online. Have fun!

  1. Write the equivalent of a 2-3 page report giving a review of the concert you watched. Your review must include the following:
    1. What kind of listener were you during the concert? Why?
    2. What pieces were performed and whom composed them? What were the movements entitled, if there were different movements within one work?
    3. What was the style of each of the pieces performed?
    4. What was the instrumentation of the orchestra?
    5. Draw out the seating arrangement of the instruments/musicians in the orchestra to demonstrate that you know which instruments are which.
  2. Analyze 3-4 pieces or movements played during the concert using the following criteria from the course:
    • Unity and Variety
    • Structure of the Music
    • Purpose of the Music
    • Tempo
    • Volume
    • Rhythm
    • Melody
    • Harmony
    • Form
    • Historical Period
  3. View the sample of a well-written concert report – Alternative Formats Click for more options sample of a well-written concert report – Alternative Formats.
  4. Use Microsoft Word to type your report. Save as .docx, .rtf, or .pdf format.
  5. Run a spell check/grammar check (under the “Review” menu in Word). Correct grammar and spelling will be part of your grade.
  6. Copy and paste your proof-read assignment into the Assignment Drop Box (not the “Comments” Box.)See the Rubric for how your grade will be determined.

Choice Number 1: Smetana, Rachmaninov, Dvořák, Andrei Gavrilov Piano Philharmonie Berlin

Choice Number 2: Schostakovich: 7. Sinfonie (Leningrader):

Choice Number 3: Diana Krall (Festival de Jazz de San Sebastián)

Choice Number 4: Roy Hargrove Quintet

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