100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- MDC Universal Declaration of Human Rights Discussion Post


As you read the 30 articles, please determine which one you want to base your multimedia assignment on to persuade others about the importance of this particular human right. You will educate us about the article, but also convince us of its significance. You will employ the power of persuasion in this assignment.

The following video compilation of short pieces was created to educate and persuade us about these thirty (30) articles. I don’t expect you to watch this 30-minute video from start to finish, but I was hoping you could look at several of these to better understand some of these articles’ facts and emotions.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyVJHpiHO8I&t=314s (Links to an external site.)

Share your thoughts on the UDHR with your colleagues. What do you think of this document? What flaws do you see? What strengths do you see? What are the most important Articles in your opinion? What really speaks to you?

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