100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- MDC Avatar 2009 Directed by James Cameron Essay


Select one of the following movies to watch. 

.Crash (2005) directed by Paul Haggis 

.North Country (2005) directed by Niki Caro 

.Philadelphia (1993) directed by Jonathan Demme 

.Avatar (2009) directed by James Cameron

Answer the applicable questions below. (Questions 1-4 and 9 are required for everyone. Questions 5-8 are film-specific). 

  1. What was your initial and final reaction to the film? What did you like best about the film? What did you like least about the film? Explain why and fully expound upon your answer. (REQUIRED FOR ALL FILMS). 
  2. Chapter 2 talks about Perception. Review the chapter before answering this question. How do ones identity and the role one plays in society influence the way we see others around us? Pick a scene from the film you watched and apply two different concepts from Chapter 2 to your answer. (REQUIRED FOR ALL FILMS)
  3. Chapter 3 talks about Gender & Culture.  Review the chapter before answering this question. Select a different scene to identify examples of stereotypes. Based on what you watched, how do stereotypes influence our interactions with others? Apply two different concepts from Chapter 3 to your answer. (REQUIRED FOR ALL FILMS). 
  4. Chapter 5 talks about Nonverbal Communication. Review the chapter before answering this question. Select a different scene to apply examples of the four different types of gestures discussed in your chapter. How did the use of each gesture influence the scene (this may include specifics such as conversation or actions taking place)?  (REQUIRED FOR ALL FILMS). 
  5. All of the men at the mine were not aggressive, yet many did not stick up for the women who were being harassed. What is the danger of remaining silent in the face of injustice? Does responsibility only fall on those who actually harassed their female co-workers? Are those who “stood and did nothing” responsible as well? (North Country film ONLY)
  6. Miller overcomes his homophobia as well as his fear of contracting AIDS from Beckett. Miller sees Beckett as a regular man and even befriends him. Is ignorance an excuse for Millers’ intolerance or were his values askew? Can someones’ moral values truly change?  (Philadelphia film ONLY)
  7. Pick a scene (different from your chapter references) and discuss how history or past experiences helped promote the use of stereotypes. Be detailed and use specifics. While we cannot change the past, what responsibility do we have when it comes to nullifying the use of stereotypes in our everyday interactions? (Crash film ONLY)
  8. At the core of the film, Avatar, is how two different groups attempt to interact, despite the differences that are present. At what point do you feel Sully began to truly understand how special the Na’vi tribe is? Do you feel it was too late, considering what Colonel Miles Quaritch asked him to do? Use two different scenes where you discuss Sully’s awakening. (Avatar film ONLY)
  9. Imagine one scene where you have the power to push the pause button and change an event? What would you have done if you were that character with the same context, circumstances, and background? Explain your answer. (REQUIRED FOR ALL FILMS).

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