100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- EDF 2311 MDC Early Childhood Education Suggestions Table


The Backward Design Process  is vital as it gives you an opportunity to view an existing lesson  being implemented by a Master Teacher in alignment with your lesson plan  topic, the opportunity to then deconstruct that lesson from whole to  part by documenting “observed” behaviors of both teacher and students,  to also document observed interventions and strategies and finally to  suggest at least one additional instructional event (activity) to move  the lesson’s quality from “good to great”. Very important frontloading  activity, particularly for those that are beginners in the Lesson  Development, Design and Implementation Processes.

*Backward Design-Activity  #1:-provides the Educational Practitioner with the opportunity to  “deconstruct” a lesson presented from a Master Teacher from whole to  part by following the following steps;

  • Download the Backwards Design template provided below to your desktop.
    • Choose a fully implemented lesson of interest via You-Tube.
    • Observe and analyze the lesson closely and document observations, interventions and strategies observed into the template provided.
    • Documents activities, interventions and strategies onto the template that you would add to enhance the quality of the lesson.

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