100% ANSWERED BY A WRITER- San Diego State University Social Support on Campus Reflection Paper


Overview: We will be learning about social integration: social networks, social relationships, and various types of social support. You will explore student centers and organization on campus and reflect on some of your own personal wants and needs.

Purpose: The purpose of this reflection journal is to get you to think about the social support that is available on campus in terms of student centers and organizations. When you know what is available on campus, you can better evaluate how to meet your own needs as a student on campus (SLO #5). Moreover, you will be able to identify and apply strategies leading to psychological well-being (GE Goal #3) and develop strategies to be integrated physiological, socio-cultural, and psychological beings engaged in learning and self-development throughout your life (GE Goal #4). To be successful on campus, you should know where the resources are and how to access them and social support from student orgs and centers can be vital in helping students succeed.

This assignment will help you practice the following skills:

  • Locate student organizations on campus (meeting times, places) virtually
  • Locate student centers on campus (hours of operations, location) virtually
  • Access information from a variety of sources (internet, published materials, other people)
  • Organize information into a coherent paper
  • Evaluate available support in terms of your own needs

This assignment will familiarize you with important content knowledge about the different types of social support that could be available on campus.


  • Attend at least one meeting of a student organization on campus (virtually); make note about which meeting, date and time, meeting information.
  • Visit at least one center on campus (virtually); make note of website where you can find the center.
  • Identify goals of the organization and center and what kind(s) of support they offer students (you can find information on websites, ask members, read written materials/brochures, etc.)
  • Assess if these goals and support are consistent with your needs as a student
  • Write a reflection journal about your experience

Criteria for Success: This Reflection Paper is worth 20 points.

  • Attend at least one student org meeting virtually (2pts)
  • Visit at least one student center virtually (2pts)
  • Identify goals/support of org and center (6pts)
  • Assess if consistent with your needs (6pts)
  • Writing (4pts)

Note: Please type this in a word document (.doc or .docx). This is an informal writing assignment so I am not looking for a specific style (e.g., APA-style, MLA-style). However, it should be typed out in complete sentences addressing all of the points raised above. I have reserved 4 points for the mechanics of writing (i.e., grammar, spelling, and punctuation) so please read your paper for these minor errors before submitting.

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