100% ANSWERED BY A WRITER- San Diego State University History of American Sports Discussion


Please answer these following questions in a total of 700 words, minimum.

Feel free to use any outsice sources. If required, please state the source (article, book, podcast, video, etc).

1. Explain, with specific examples, how media coverage of sport helped establish American sport space from 1870-1940. By citing at least two outside sources, demonstrate how sport media outlets have adjusted their coverage in the wake of COVID-19, and explain how you think they will need to continue to adapt throughout the next few months.

2. Provide a historical overview of key developments in the sport of soccer (football, futbol) in the United States, and discuss significant reasons why soccer did not become a major competitive, spectator-based sport in America until the 1970s. What changed in that decade to increase the popularity of the sport? Furthermore, use two outside sources to provide an assessment of the impact of the current professional men’s (MLS) and women’s (NWSL) soccer seasons on the popularity of soccer in the U.S. Make sure you refer to the characteristics of sport space and dominant sport culture in your response.

3. Identify a sport (or a genre of sports) that you think will come to occupy a larger portion of American sport space in the 21st century OR one that will decrease in popularity and thus occupy a significantly smaller portion of American sport space. Provide valid reasons for your choice by drawing on the concept of sport space and citing two outside sources.

Some info on sport space:

  • Abstract or theoretical way of thinking about a country’s dominant sport culture
  • Concept involves quantitative & qualitative dimension
    • Capacity limited, but not filled on 1st come, 1st served basis
    • Culturally determined
    • Sports space formed or realigned at critical junctures in history
      • Industrial revolution, WWI, 1920s, era of TV
    • Sports space “frozen” by time between WWI-1930
      • Adaptable to insure cultural survival
    • Sports space of most countries shares common features

    Some info on dominant sport culture:

    • Sports that dominate country’s emotional attachments rather than physical activities
    • Sports widely represented in other areas of pop culture
      • Films, TV shows, music, etc.
    • Sports that have ability to serve as social force in country

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