100% ANSWERED BY A WRITER- ENS 331 San Diego State Exercise and Nutrition Health Fitness Performance Paper


. One of our Professors, Fabio Comana, in the ENS Dept. (Exercise & Nutritional Sciences) has kindly shared his Exercise Movement video library with us.

1) View as many videos as you would like from the Exercise Movement video library.

2) Choose 3 Exercises. One must be from Group A and the other 2 are your choice from groups A, B, C, or D. Choose the ones you think you would realistically continue to practice.

3) Write and submit 3 brief paragraphs of around 200 words each paragraph, as a Word Document about your choices and why they are a good fit for you.

A: Foam Rolling – thoracic spine https://video.sdsu.edu/nas/capture/2016/fcomana/Fo…

A,B,C, or D: Bend-and-lift Movement Screen https://video.sdsu.edu/nas/capture/2016/fcomana/Be… / Seated Lat Pull Downs https://video.sdsu.edu/nas/capture/2016/fcomana/Se…

2 pages/500 words/double spaced/3 paragraphs/no plagiarizing please.

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