100% ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR- SEU King Abdullah Medical Capacity Planning

As Stevenson (2021) mentioned in our textbook, the goal of strategic capacity planning is to achieve a match between the long-term supply capabilities of an organization and the predicted level of long-term demand. Capacity planning is about understanding changes that will impact the organization. 

Thinking about COVID-19 and health services, select a hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and answer the following:

  • Describe its capacity and demand concerns before, during and after the pandemic in relation to facility, supply, and human resources.
  • How did they calculate their capacity? Was this the best equation to use? If not, which one would you have used? 
  • How did capacity planning help the organization during the rise of COVID-19?
  • What type of strategy did the organization use and why? Was this the best strategy to use? If not, which strategy would you have used? 


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