100% ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR- MGT 560 SEU Traits Skills and Behavioral Approaches to Leadership Paper


As part of this assignment, you are asked to take the following self-assessment from MindTools website (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/leadership-style-quiz.htm) to determine your leadership style.

Once you have completed the self-assessment, please answer the following questions:

Based on the self-assessment, what is your leadership style; Do you agree or disagree with the results presented? Explain.

Based on the readings you did this week on Leadership Styles, describe three characteristics and skills associated with your leadership style (provide in-text citations)

Describe a situation where your leadership skills helped you.

How can your leadership style create a stronger workplace environment 

How can you enhance your leadership style to better improve your organizational culture? 


Which of John Maxwell’s  21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership most resonates with you and why; please provide an example of why.

Describe a KSA leader that embodies one of the 21 Laws and describe why (provide at least two sources)


In the article by Nitin Nhria assigned this week, the author states that “as the world shifts, so should leaders” 

In what ways have you, or will you ,shift as a leader?

Describe how SaudiVision2030 is shifting KSA. How is the leader enabling this shift?

Describe a KSA leader that has shifted (as per the article) as a leader in the past few years (provide at least two sources

  • The article: 

As the World Shifts, So Should Leaders


In the Video this week Simon Sinek talks about how great leaders inspire action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4

  • How do you inspire action?  

One of the main themes of the video assigned, Sinkex profeses, is that “people don’t buy what you do, they by why you do it” 

Explain your company’s why

Explain your personal why

Describe a KSA company that really embodies they “why” instead of the “what”(provide at least two sources)

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