100% ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR- MGT 560 Saudi Electronic University Management Leadership Discussion Questions


Read this article which summarizes Kenneth Blanchard’s seminal work on the Interactive Model of Leader-Follower-Situation:


  • Provide a short, 4-6 line, paragraph that summarize the reading
  • In a short paragraph describe what resonated most with you in this reading?
  • In 1-2 paragraphs describe a situation where a Leader was successful with followers in one situation/organization, and not successful with followers in another situation/organization (provide at least two sources and corresponding in-text citations)


Having Read Drucker on Innovation as summarized by Swaim, 2022, Principles of Innovation: https://www.corporatelearningnetwork.com/leadership/articles/principles-of-innovation-getting-rid-of-yesterday

  • What is a KSA company you see that motivates innovation in its organization, and why as it relates to this article. (provide at least two sources and corresponding in-text citations)
  • What specifically motivates these employees to innovate? 


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