100% ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED TUTOR- MGT 201 SEU McDonalds And Changes in The Marketing Environment Discussion

4.1 Learning Outcomes:

Identify the various market entry stratgies.

Highlight the similarities and differences between a domestic marketing strategy and a global marketing strategy.

4.2 Action Required:

Chapter Name: Read Ch-5 “Analyzing the Marketing Environment” from the text book- Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy (2022) “Marketing” (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Education, Digital Version: ISBN13: 978-1-260-71743-3.

Watch the following Video link and read the summery of the video:


Video Summary: In 2008, McDonald’s noted changes in its customers’ attitudes toward fast food. The company adapted its marketing mix accordingly, developing a messaging program around a set of “proof points” emphasizing the freshness and quality of ingredients used. The video explains the elements of the program.

The company has moved on to other initiatives since this video was made, based on other changes in the marketing environment. This means that students won’t be able to see this initiative in action, but it still serves as a useful teaching example.

4.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

Discussion Question #1: What changes in the marketing environment led McDonald’s to launch its “What We’re Made Of” initiative?

Discussion Question #2: The video refers to a “360 campaign” used by McDonald’s to convey its message. What does this mean? Give some examples of the components of the campaign.

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