100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- Troy University Wynn Resort in Las Vegas HRM in Hospitality & OSHA Discussion


Video #4 & #5_Wynn Divers_This is due by Thursday, April 23rd by 8pm

This week we have a unique opportunity to share as former employees of the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

First, I will need to do some set up to help you understand the job that myself and these ladies performed during our time at Le Reve Production at The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. I will show a 4 minute video that will help you understand the difficulties of our jobs as Scuba Diver Technicians. Then I will discuss the behind the scenes a bit and incorporate the OSHA standards and training we were a part of on a daily basis (approx 13 mins). We will then hear the stories from two divers who have just recently settled their case against the Wynn for Pregnancy Discrimination.

This video was showcased back in 2010 when we all were working at the show:


Next I will describe some of the safety standards and OSHA regulations:


Guest Speaker: Cassie


Guest Speaker: Heather


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