100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- Troy University Psychology Child Development Presentation


Students will be asked to complete a 5-7-minutepresentation about their paper. Students will need to make sure they cover both areas of their paper including, summarizing the article they read for their fellow students and sharing with the other students the connections they made between the research study and the topics we have covered in class.

Presentation Rubric

50 Points

Graded Areas of Paper

Summary of Content

Points Appointed

Organization of Presentation

The student presented the information from their paper in a clear and organized manner.

5 points

Summary of Article

The student clearly described to their fellow students the research study they examined. Including who participated in the study, what was the procedure followed in the study and what were the results of the study.

20 points

Connections to Class

The student clearly shared the connections they made between their examined study and the topics we have covered in class with their fellow students.

20 points

Presentation Length

Presentation must be between 5 to 7 minutes long.

5 points

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