100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- Troy University Monroe Doctrine Discussion


Student will submit a summary (150-200 words in length each) of four document excerpts, listed in the week 3 assignments section, and your personal comments/reaction (150-200 words) for each document summary. Please read the instructions on how to complete the document summary assignment BEFORE posting the assignment so that you submit a complete assignment.

1.Nazca Lines: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/archaeology-and… (Links to an external site.)

2.The Mayan Calendar: http://www.angelfire.com/ca/humanorigins/calendarsystem.html

3.Selections of Chinese Poetry, Tang Dynasty: http://www.indiana.edu/~e232/14-Poems.pdf (Links to an external site.)

4.The Arthasastra, “The Duties of a King”:www.fordham.edu/halsall/india/kautilya1.asp

For example:

“Monroe Doctrine, Dec 2, 1823”

Summary: This document is an excerpt of U.S. President James Monroe’s seventh annual message to Congress dated December 2nd, 1823. The first paragraph announces to the governments of Russia and Great Britain that the Americas are now the ward of the United States only, and as such all European colonization activities are to cease. The message is respectful and has been passed to the relevant parties through appropriate channels. The second paragraph reveals that the previous message to Congress had made mention of Spain and Portugal’s troubles, then admitted that the US has only been a bystander to the plights of the Europeans. Every action that has been taken was done so only out of self-defense. Next, it warns that the US will not be as reticent to take action against aggressions close to its territories. The last part of the paragraph promises that the U.S. will not infringe upon the sovereignty of its neighbors. The third paragraph reiterates that the US has thus far been uninvolved in the internal struggles in Europe while also adding that it has no intent ever to do so. The fourth and final paragraph is a message directed at Congress reminding them to put America first in their minds.

Comments: It is certainly nice to get to the part of history where the English is similar enough to read easily. This declaration proved to be pivotal to the development of the Western Hemisphere. It would have been wonderful to be a fly on the wall when those messages were delivered to the Russians and the Brits. My extra reading has taught me that it has mostly survived to present day, excepting a few terrible decisions during the latter part of the 1900s. The only major challenge to it that I know of was the invasion of Veracruz by a European coalition force. However, once the US had recuperated from the Civil War, they made haste to expel the European forces. I suspect that removing the Americas from the picture forced Europe’s hand and made them deal with their problems at home. Monroe’s statement certainly set the tone of American foreign policy for nearly a century to follow. Moreover, even after that, the US still honored the spirit of the text at least publicly.

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