100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- JRN 3365 Troy University Coronavirus and Sports Story Ideas Analysis


Sometimes a reporter must pitch a story idea to a producer to help them fill out their shows.


1) Pick a generic topic
(can not be extremely vague “coronavirus” is too broad, “Coronavirus and the homeless” is acceptable)

2) Pitch 3 story ideas based on your chosen topic

3) Choose one of those story ideas and write an anchor introduction for it.


1) Apple, Google to Turn Smartphones Into Coronavirus Tracking Devices

2)Story Ideas
A: This could lead to a major privacy and tracking concern
B: The data could help the government anticipate the next areas of virus breakouts and can send equipment ahead of the virus
C: Is this a temporary study during the pandemic or will this type of tracking continue after the pandemic is over?

3) Apple and Google have teamed up in an unprecedented move of cooperation to allow their phones to better interact with each other. The new code would enable the smartphones to constantly log other devices they come near, enabling what is known as “contact tracing” of the disease. Will this type of tracking only last while the coronavirus ist still a pandemic of will “Contact Tracing” continue in other forms after the pandemic is over? Ernie Pyle has the high-tech details.



2)Story Ideas


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