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Each individual will be assigned to a coalition with the goal of addressing a public health issue and policy. The coalition that each person is assigned to will be connected to a specific advocacy/policy issue reviewed in the text. The assignment approximates coalition work, which is a mainstay for public health advocacy.

Each student will represent a pre-selected advocacy coalition in order to address a public health problem and advocate for a policy solution.

Each student will represent a stakeholder agency/organization that is listed as a member of the assigned coalition (see link to the website provided below).

  • For example, the Southern AIDS Coalition consists of several organizations: Latino Commission on AIDS; AIDS Alabama; Crescent Cares; Tennessee Department of Health; and Louisiana Office of Public Health.
  • Each student will select and become a member organization (for example, student one represents/becomes the Latino Commission on AIDS and student two represents/becomes Crescent Cares).

Coalitions often prepare testimony for public hearings in order to ensure their key messages are voiced and presented to policymakers. Each coalition member organization has a slightly different perspective, but all the messages are intended to influence the policy making body to adopt a specific policy. Each coalition group will develop a presentation of coordinated public testimony to convince policy makers to adopt a policy.

The coalition testimony assignment is completed as a individual

See complete assignment description and rubric in the attachments below.


Assignments (Topic & Coalition):

Coalition One:

Coalition Two:

Coalition Three:

Coalition Four:

Coalition Five:

Coalition Six:

Coalition Seven:

Assignment Description & Rubric

Review the sample assignment below. Reviewing sample assignments is VERY IMPORTANT, please spend some time to help you get centered on this assignment.

Additionally, view the group coalition testimony recording from a previous course

    • YouTube links to view in-class testimony presentations:

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