100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- AU The Role of The Teacher in The Student Education Annotated Bibliography

First class:

The topic for this paper is “Role of the teacher in the student’s education.”

In this discussion, you will post your annotated bibliography draft to receive peer feedback on it.

  • Your draft should have at least 4 sources and annotations. (You may not have the entire project complete at this stage.)
  • Either attach the articles to your post or provide Persistent URLs. Watch this video that shows how to locate the persistent URL for a library article or download it.

Be sure to read and follow the general instructions for the Annotated Bibliography before posting your draft. A template for the assignment must be used. 6 necessary Peer Reviewed Journal Articles required by our syllabus for the Literature Review paper.

Second class: The topic is a being in a wheelchair for 48 hours. I will use the Veteran Assistance to help pay for everything and the assistance I need.

Once you decide on the “cultural land” you’d like to explore, you will write a short essay describing the topic, the rationale for your choice, and how it fits in with the concepts in the course. You should include any logistical elements you will need to consider. You should also include mention of some of the research sources you intend to utilize.

The paper should follow MLA guidelines and should include the following:

Name, Date, and Title
One-inch margins, double-spaced lines, and use of a 12-point font
Proper citations and references of outside sources
Approximately one page in length
Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Must be a Microsoft Word or PDF document

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