100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- AU Centralized Policy in Health Care Systems Case Study

hi, I have this assignment. it’s a case study. I have already started working on it but I am busy studying for an exam. I appreciate it if you can help me complete it and make it nice to look like an essay with free grammar mistakes. i need 5 pages not including the cover page and reference list. Thank you


“An examination of the financing and delegation of responsibilities in countries with healthcare systems characterized by central policy and/or fiscal control and delivery of services delegated to state, regional, or local institutions”.

  • How well does central funding and local delivery appear to be working in those countries where it is part of the healthcare system?
  • How equitable does the funding stream for central policy development with local delivery of services appear?
  • What is the impact of rural/urban disparities on the delivery of healthcare services?
  • How does geography impact the delivery of healthcare services?
  • How is healthcare delivery impacted by transportation and communication infrastructure inadequacies?
  • How is the private sector incorporated into the delivery of healthcare services?

Using literature and/or web search, find current information on the health systems of the countries with a decentralized health care delivery system:

Please Use This Strategy When You Analyze A Case:

  1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.
  2. Identify the key issue or issues.
  3. Specify alternative courses of action.
  4. Evaluate each course of action.
  5. Recommend the best course of action.

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