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As mentioned in this week’s lecture, a project balance sheet is a tool used for balancing a project’s business requirements with the capabilities and risks associated with fulfilling those requirements.

For this discussion, select a business problem or an opportunity scenario that is of interest to you, and develop a project balance sheet that describes it. Your project balance sheet should clearly identify each business case item, as well as its business requirements and project capabilities to meet these requirements.  Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.

Assignment: Due 08/23

SCRUM Project, Part 2: Writing a Business Case

Throughout this course, you will be managing a fictitious project of your choice using SCRUM Agile project management techniques. You will use the Visual Studio Online (VSO) SCRUM tool to help with your Agile project management. This project will involve a series of steps over Weeks 1-5, and will culminate in a final evaluation in Week 6.

Here is a summary of the project milestones and the weeks in which they are due:

  • Week 1 – Setup a Visual Studio Online (VSO) account
  • Week 2 – Select Project and Write Business Case (business case must include at least 2-3 business milestones)
  • Week 3 – Product Backlog (must include at least 3 features, 10 backlog items (e.g., user stories). Also note: there is only one Scrum development team, made of 3 developers.)
  • Week 4 – Release Planning (product must have at least 3 releases)
  • Week 5 – Sprint Execution (project must have at least 4 sprints)
  • Week 6 – Final Video

Your Tasks for This Week
To complete your task for this week, start by selecting a project that is robust enough to fulfill the requirements in Weeks 2-5, noted above. Next, write a business case for your project, incorporating the same level of detail as the Level 0 business case in your textbook. Your business case be written as a paper with headings, and should include:

  • Two or three business milestones
  • Root cause of the business problem
  • Reason for solving the business problem
  • Scope of the project
  • Risk associated with the project
  • Project Planning (cost and schedule)
  • Project Balance sheet

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