100% ANSWERED BY A TUTOR- Ashford University The American Dream Notion of Democracy Discussion

Please follow all instructions, use example and use the articles and novel and also the movie (between the world and me) and also the novel (Passing by nella larsen)

In order to achieve the American dream, justice needs to be the number one priority in society. If police officers who killed black people like Prince Jones or Breonna Taylor faced strong sentences, next police officer will think a thousand times before killing another innocent human. The idea of passing shouldn’t be in this world, it’s our world everyone should go anywhere and do whatever they want no matter their race.

The American dream wasn’t only in America but in the world. The black people’s army was trying to free Spain from the fascist army in order to live like humans. Moreover, the poetry Harlem mentioned that the dream was deferred and that refers to the American Dream <<< These are my ideas regarding the American dream please use them as a guide.

Below are the instructions

Many people think they know what the “American Dream” is, but as we’ve discussed, the American Dream means different things to different people. Your goal in this essay is to try to define how our readings up to this point help conceptualize and complicate American Dream with regard to African American literature. What does it mean in this literature and in the literary theory we have read? How might it vary over historical and social or cultural conditions?

Your essay seeks to define, complicate, and narrate what the American Dream entails. In order to do this, you’ll need to include several components in your essay. Before you begin, brainstorm and free write to come up with the themes you think are most important. Some of the following may be appropriate.

  • Use definition to clarify your concepts. You might consider giving examples to supply definition, using negation (telling what something is not), dividing the word into components “American” and “Dream” and then putting them together, or providing an analogy. You might also think about some of the words we’ve defined, such as journey, passing, diaspora, canon, resistance, etc.
  • Use literary examples. Drawing on the literature we’ve read so far explain how characters, settings, or themes fit into a discussion of the American Dream.
  • Choose one or two themes that you believe characterize the American Dream. Write a strong thesis statement that argues your claim and carry it throughout your essay as you seek a clear, complicated definition of the American Dream.

It should be Times New Roman, 12pt font, one inch margins, 3 pages minimum, have a thesis, and be well-developed. You must use at least three of the texts we’ve covered so far–Passing, Between the World and Me, Langston Hughes’ poetry, “The Danger of a Single Story,” and the two articles we’ve read. You will also need a works cited that doesn’t count in the page length

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